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Influencerin zeigt Realität hinter der Instagram-Scheinwelt

Schöner Schein: Journalistin und Bloggerin Danae Mercer rechnet mit den perfekten Bildern auf Instagram ab.

Der Sommer auf Instagram stellt für viele User eine besondere Herausforderung dar: Das von Bloggern zur Schau gestellte "Dolce Vita" – von der perfekten Garderobe über den perfekten Blogger-Urlaub bis hin zum perfekten Beach-Body – verunsichert viele User und kann Selbstzweifel fördern. Die Journalistin und Influencerin Danae Mercer hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, diese Scheinwelt auf Instagram zu dekonstruieren. Auf ihrem Account zeigt sie, was hinter den makellosen Bildern steckt: Gekonntes Posieren, fotografisches Know-How und Photoshop. Ihre Message an alle, die angesichts der retuschierten Bilderflut im Feed ein negatives Selbstwertgefühl entwickeln : "Vergleich Dich nicht mit Fremden im Internet!" 

Insta vs Reality / or why PERFECTION is DANGEROUS. Perfection puts a wall up between us and others. It does. Whether it’s in POSING FOR PHOTOS or LIVING OUR LIVES. Especially for us PEOPLE PLEASERS. Because it shows only our sparkly bits. Our STAGED bits. Our MASKS that we wear when we are quietly afraid no one will love us otherwise. It proves we are good little girls. Only here’s the thing: PERFECTION builds that barrier. Because ultimately, it’s only a half truth. A brief moment. A STAGED PHOTO. And us humans, we are more complex than that. We are raw and clumsy with belly laughs and cellulite and fears and dreams so fragile we dare only to whisper them into existence. So today, show someone your imperfect. Show them your real. Let them see you for all the splendour and glory you are, and let YOURSELF be SEEN for the same. Whether it’s simply rocking your WIGGLES at the BEACH or opening up about your HOPES. Show YOU. As someone who has only started embracing VULNERABILITY in her 30s, trust me on this: It’s so much more incredible than perfection could ever hope to be. It’s human. It’s wonderful. It’s real. x Photos @chiclebelle gabrielleph as always #selflove #feminist #selfacceptance #inspiringquotes #positivequotes #iweigh #mentalhealth

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Liebe Deinen Körper!

Danae Mercer kommt aus der Medienbranche und weiß, wie dort mit Bildern getrickst wird. Wer ein Magazin durchblättert, ist sich dessen bewusst, dass hier Profis am Werk sind. Auf Instagram wird Usern jedoch Normalität vorgegaukelt: "Es heißt, jedes Mädchen ist das Mädchen von nebenan. Jedes Ziel sei mühelos erreichbar. Und plötzlich wird jeder zum Supermodel auf einer Superyacht. Ein Teil von uns weiß, dass dies nicht wahr ist, aber ein Teil von uns vergisst das manchmal. Deshalb will ich Dich nur daran erinnern: Vergleich Dich nicht mit einem Fremden in den sozialen Medien!", schreibt Mercer.

Auch auf Instagram wird geschummelt, und sie zeigt ganz offen am Beispiel ihres eigenen Körpers, wie Blogger bei der Selbstinszenierung vorgehen. Mercer hat gelernt ihren eigenen Körper zu lieben - mit all seinen Dellen und vermeintlichen Makeln - und hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, andere Frauen mit dieser Selbstliebe anzustecken und ihnen die Angst vor Cellulite auf Fotos zu nehmen. Ihre Anti-Perfektions-Strategie funktioniert: Über 800.000 User zählt ihre Instagram-Followerschaft bereits.



CELLULITE is so darn COMMON. So WEAR that swimsuit. Rock that bikini. Get out there and roll with the full wonder of all that you are. And don’t let any little lumpbumps make you second guess for a single minute. Over 80 percent of women have cellulite. That’s a HUGE number - and yet we are told it’s bad and wrong and subtly, so subtly, taught that it is shameful. Some of us learn these lessons as little girls. Yesterday I shared a YouTube video that wants to teach exactly that. It featured a slight child deciding she was TOO BIG, so she exercised and weighed herself and ate carrots and weighed herself and climbed stairs and weighed herself. Some of us learn these lessons as adults, when brands try to SELL TO US and make money from SHAME. From creating flaws that don’t exist, or from turning incredibly common bits of bodies into things that must be fixed. Wherever you learned these lessons, know that they are wrong. Your cellulite is NOT an error. A glitch in perfection. It’s incredible. Unique. A stamp mark of who you are. A sign that your body is functioning and alive and doing the same thing as over 80% of other women. So today, babygirl, get out there and rock your cellulite. Celebrate your dips and rolls. Embrace your curves or your straights. And most of all, do whatever makes you SMILE. Because you are a GLORIOUS CELEBRATION. A song of limbs and heart and soul. Don’t you forget it. Bikini @heiress_swimwear #selflove #bodyacceptance #normalizenormalbodies #cellulite #strengthmarks

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BLOATED to ABS in 30 seconds flat? And no crash diets, poo tea, waist trainers, or heartattack pills in site? Magic. OR, hey, maybe just knowing how to work my ANGLES. Here’s what I did: Found great side lighting with a mirror in front of me. Seriously, this is the best way to get any sort of definition. So the window here is just beside my left hand. Popped my hips baaaaack. Really far. Like - really - far. My back is super arched, you just can’t tell. Stood on my tippy toes. Put one foot slightly to the left of the other one. They look like they’re in one line, but they aren’t. This makes the legs look longer and leaner. Squeezed. Stopped breathing. Held it for just three seconds, long enough to get the snap before I fell over. And then, hey, I relaxed, and my seriously BLOATED period belly popped RIGHT. BACK. OUT. We see LOADS of images like the POSED one all over the internet right now. And that’s pretty cool, because gals train hard and are proud and we’re here to cheer them on. BUT wouldn’t it be wonderful if we saw more relaxed? More just chilled wobbly bits and people actually standing on both feet not on tip toe, and our hips just in a line not all popped back crazy style? I think it could be powerful. It could help us remember constantly just how WONDERFUL, NORMAL, and GLORIOUS we are — bloated bellies or toned bellies or great lighting and all. Outfit @Womensbest.me @womensbest #instagramvsreality #womenirl #popsugarfitness #whstrong #normalizenormalbodies #bodypositivity #ditchthediet #talkingoutloud #losehatenotweight #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bopowarrior #bopo

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